Descrierea companiei RAINBOW POWER

Rainbow Power is a private owned business located in Iasi (NE Romania) operating in the Romanian market since 1997, in 2010 we have had a turnover of approximatly 1 Milion USD and currently employ over 30 people.

Our 1st brand Navigator Computers was opened in the year 2000, and since then developed 4 stores in the region. In 2007 our company observed the need for quality toys on the Romanian market and we launched the brand "Jokee" which currently has 3 locations and one a online store. Jokee is a concept which promotes toys, arts&crafts and hobby realted products. Currently, we are distribuitors for the following brands: Pebaro fretsaw, 3D wooden puzzles and art & crafts, Teifoc brick construction, Plenty Play, Gotz Dolls, Razor Sports, CIC Robots, Stockmar, Mercurius Arts & Craft, Ruitertassen leather bags, World Alive, Breser Junior Telescopes & Microscopes, Detoa wooden toys, magnetic puzzle and theater In 2009 we decided to move into the gourmet food sector and launched the brand Coffee-Tea & Spice Corner offering our clients the posibility to spoil themselves with over 40 diferent types of cofee, 200 types loose teas, 250 types of spices from all over the world and finally a sortiment of chocolates and sweets. The CTS Corner brand currently has 4 locations and a online store. Currently, we are distribuitors for the following brands: Leonard Coffee, Oxalis, Jelly Bean factory, Bart Spices, Bocca Organic Coffee


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