Romanian sheep face illegal slaughter in the EU

BUCURESTI - 23 ianuarie 2006

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Compassion in World Farming (CIWF) today releases new investigative video footage shot undercover in Greece which shows sheep exported from Romania being slaughtered illegally without stunning.

The footage filmed at the end of 2005 shows sheep having their throats cut, without any pre-slaughter stunning taking place, clearly in breach of European Union legislation. This footage shows similar terrible conditions documented by CIWF in both 1999 and 2002.

CIWF has lodged complaints with both the European Commission and the Greek Minister for Rural Development and Food about the failure of Greece to properly enforce Article 5, Paragraph 1 (c) of EU Council Directive 93/119/EC on the protection of animals at the time of slaughter or killing, which requires animals to be “stunned before slaughter”.

Kerry Burgess, CIWF’s Communications Director said, “It is appalling that six years after this horrific treatment of animals at slaughter was first exposed, such illegal practices are allowed to continue. CIWF calls on the Greek authorities and the European Commission to take action now to ensure that this unacceptable suffering is brought to an end once and for all.”

Despre Alianta pentru Protectia Animalelor din Romania

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