Antal Global Hire & Fire Survey - 13th edition results

BUCURESTI - 18 ianuarie 2013

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Please check here the full results of AGS13:

Antal Global Hire & Fire Survey - 13th edition results

Global recruitment survey shows Romanian job market remains solid

A major survey of employment trends around the globe has found that hiring levels in Romania have remained consistent this quarter and this stability is forecast to continue.

The ‘Global Snapshot’ project from the multi-national recruitment firm, Antal International, asked almost 17,000 organisations in major markets across 52 countries whether they were currently recruiting or letting staff go at a managerial and professional level and whether they intended to do so over the coming quarter.

Romania’s staffing sector is solid with 53% of employers currently hiring at managerial and professional level – a figure that has remained unchanged since the last edition of the Snapshot. This consistency is predicted to continue in the coming months with 52% of companies expecting to hire in the next quarter.

As with other Central and Eastern European economies, the IT sector is strong with 74% of businesses currently recruiting for senior positions. Manufacturing is also performing well with 64% of employers in the area taking on professional staff.

Although hiring levels are solid, firing trends are more fluid and the percentage of businesses currently shedding staff stands at 29% which represents a 3% increase since last quarter. This is expected to rise to 33% in near future.  

"The results of the latest Snapshot indicate greater stability throughout the international staffing sector," says Antal’s CEO, Tony Goodwin. "Feedback from our clients across the globe suggests that many are under pressure to do more with fewer resources, particularly human ones. Despite a consistent decline in the percentage of companies hiring, a steady fall in the percentage of organisations shedding staff - down from 20% in April to 18% in August and just 16% in December - infers that workforces are stabilising and offering more in the way of long-term security to employees. Listening to reports from our network of offices the feeling seems to be that the sourcing of talent is going through a period of "wait and see". There is an atmosphere of expectancy, that something, hopefully positive, is about to happen, but in the meantime caution prevails".

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