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BUCURESTI - 6 octombrie 2010

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VW Group was voted the “COMPANYBEST of 2010”
•Wayne D. Brannon, Chevrolet Europe President was elected “MANBEST 2010”

The new Citroen C3, Dacia Duster, Kia Venga, Opel Meriva and Renault Fluence are the five finalists for Autobest 2010 competition. “This year as well, will have a great 5 finalist series in the Autobest competition. The jury will have a final assessment in the first decade of December and will vote just on time for December 15-th to announce the best buy car of Europe.” Mr. Ilia Seliktar – AUTOBEST President, said.

The Autobest jury decided to grant “COMPANYBEST 2010” to VW group. Its coherent and sustainable strategy applied for many years across the emerging markets of Europe has lead to significant industrial development in the region. Also, his affordable green strategy for its vehicles – Blue Motion is one example -was a plus in the jury decision.

“MANBEST 2010” award is going to Wayne D. Brannon, President Chevrolet Europe. Mr. Brannon , a veteran of GM, is one of the most dedicated executives we have today in the car industry. He is instrumental in the Chevrolet brand success in Europe. And what we see today is just the beginning.

“SAFETYBEST 2010” goes to Ford for the industry’s first inflatable seatbelts and pressure-based air bag technologies. This new system of seatbelts will spread crash forces over five times more area of the body than conventional seat belts; this helps reduce pressure on the chest and helps control head and neck motion for rear seat passengers. Children and older passengers will have an increased protection this way. Also, the new airbag will deploy 30% faster, increasing the level of safety more than ever.

“TECHNOBEST 2010” is going to Fiat Twin Air Technology engines. Using next-generation technology, the new engine implements the revolutionary Multiair system combined with special fluid dynamics optimized for the best fuel efficiency. Furthermore, by taking the concept of downsizing to the extreme and masterly tuning the basic mechanics, the new family - delivering from 65 to 105 HP - emits 30% less CO2 than an engine of equal performance. Is the second time in the history of the award when the same company win in two consecutive years.

Peter Schreyer, Chief designer of Kia Motors was voted “DESIGNBEST 2010”. His work has put the Korean marquee in a brand new light and push the sales dramatically across the Europe. Under his supervision, Kia cars are more appealing than ever for young customers.

Autobest jury voted Burçu Cetinkaya, the beautiful Turkey motorsport sensation, to become “SPORTBEST 2010”. Recent performances in the competitions of Turkey and Italy and her entry in IRC series made the European jury to encourage her with this award.

This year’s ECOBEST award will be announced at the beginning of December in conjunction with AUTOBEST 2010 winner announcement.

AUTOBEST organization is the only international independent jury focusing on the emerging markets countries. To become an AUTOBEST winner, a car must be the best offer for the average customer in the region. Price, service network, spare parts distribution and versatility are the most important criteria in the voting process. Design and new high-tech gadgets are coming on a second place as importance. AUTOBEST is using a complex matrix of 13 criteria in deciding the winner.

The AUTOBEST Jury is also paying attention to the efforts that automotive industry is making. Investments, new work opportunities for the population, spending funds for ecological initiatives, the support for the emerging regions of Europe are carefully checked and appreciated by the Jury.

For this year, AUTOBEST members of the Jury are coming from 15 countries in the region and represent a virtual market with more than 300 million people. Each member of the Jury is an outstanding motoring journalist, a respected voice in his country. AUTOBEST is the second largest independent motoring Jury of Europe.

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