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BUCURESTI - 14 octombrie 2009

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John Fleming – President of Ford Of Europe is the “MANBEST of 2009”
•Henrik Fisker is getting “DESIGNBEST 2009”

Chevrolet Cruze, Hyundai i20, Kia Soul, Skoda Yeti and Volkswagen Polo are the five finalists for Autobest 2010 competition. “This year as well, will have a great 5 finalist series in the Autobest competition. The jury will have a difficult mission to decide which is the best –buy car of the year 2010. We will have an answer on the 15th of December.” Mr. Ilja Seliktar – AUTOBEST President, said.

“MANBEST2009” award is going to John Fleming, Chairman and CEO Ford of Europe. Mr. Fleming is one of the most outstanding executives from the car industry. The man who managed to gain profit throughout the year 2008 and, despite a profound crisis in 2009 has straightened out the financial operations, Mr. Fleming has promoted products with great appeal, imposing a revolutionary design welcome by all the European markets. The Fiesta success is probably the most certain proof.

Volvo for City Safe is awarded “SAFETYBEST 2009”. From the Autobest jury point of view, after the arrival of the seat belts on the market- a Volvo contribution as well- of the airbags, ABS and ESP, the City Safe is considered to be a very important achievement in safety. It is likely that this system should go in standard for many other brands during the next few years, as it had already happened to the others safety systems mentioned above.

“TECHNOBEST 2009” is going to Fiat Multi Air Technology. Fiat managed through this new technology to demonstrate that the engine downsizing is a science with unlimited resources.

Henrik Fisker was voted “DESIGNBEST 2009”, for being one of the best car designers of the planet, a native talent doubled by an incredible work capacity, who created exceptionally cars not only for BMW and Aston Martin but also for his own brand.

Autobest jury voted Evgeny Novikov, the young Russian motorsport talent, to become “SPORTBEST 2009”. Evgeny is another proof of talent coming from our region being the youngest driver in the P-WRC. He was Russian Rally Cup Champion in 2006 and was runner-up in both the Russian and Estonian Rally Championships last year.

This year’s COMPANYBEST, and ECOBEST awards will be announced at the begging of December in conjunction with AUTOBEST 2010 winner announcement.

AUTOBEST organization is the only international independent jury focusing on the emerging markets countries. To become an AUTOBEST winner, a car must be the best offer for the average customer in the region. Price, service network, spare parts distribution and versatility are the most important criteria in the voting process. Design and new high-tech gadgets are coming on a second place as importance. AUTOBEST is using a complex matrix of 13 criteria in deciding the winner.

The AUTOBEST Jury is also paying attention to the efforts that automotive industry is making. Investments, new work opportunities for the population, spending funds for ecological initiatives, the support for the emerging regions of Europe are carefully checked and appreciated by the Jury.

For this year, AUTOBEST members of the Jury are coming from 14 countries in the region and represent a virtual market with more than 300 million people. Each member of the Jury is an outstanding motoring journalist, a respected voice in his country. AUTOBEST is the second largest independent motoring Jury of Europe.

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