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BUCURESTI - 10 aprilie 2015

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One of a kind Campaign in România and one of the few in Europe,which wants to open people's eyes to the silent or not violences happening in the geek and cosplay worlds. Our aim is to raise awareness about the abuse and the bullying,verbal or physical,afflicted upon all those who choose to be themselves or to follow their passion.

You might be wondering what is the all the fuss with this hashtag #GeekSHEroes. Well, let me tell you a story behind this campaign. You might be a geek, a fan, a cosplayer, a graphic artist, a creative person trying to fit in what we call the real/normal world. The truth is one persons’ normality is another ones confinement. You might be surprised/or not to find out there is bullying and harassment identified in the geek groups. You might be wondering how is happening or why is it necessary to take action against a common attitude projected not only online but on the streets as well. 

Why? Because bullying and harassment are not accepted in civilized communities. Sexual harassment of cosplayers, bashing and humiliating individuals for being part of a fandom or simply coming out as an educated person with a passion for a certain TV shows, comic book or characters/actors. They are called “silly”, they are ridiculed if their age is higher than 16. The standards of those who uphold the rules and regulation of “normal” behavior make it fair play to attack those who choose to be unique through style, words and attitude.

The #GeekSHEroes campaign wishes to raise awareness and familiarize other groups with what means to be a geek. Fort Knox PR, Jane Candy and Edge and Back are proud of its geek roots and have never been shy to speak their mind. Here are our statements. We wait for your stories and we will do our best to have all your voices heard.

Ioana Raluca Popescu

A long time ago, I’ve heard something among the lines “it’s time to grow and stop being so invested in this TV-show”. It got me wondering. Does someone really have to give up on their interests simply because they’ve reached a certain age? Some of us love to collect action figures or comic books, some buy DVDs and Blu-rays and are proud of their collection, some are incredibly gifted artists, drawing or making music videos with the skills of a pro. Being a geek comes with a label and a licence to be a target for those who enjoy ridiculing and harassing. Cosplayers are sometimes subjected to slander and abused, physically or verbally. Teenagers and adults are attacked on various social media outlets simply because for some it’s “fun”. Being a movie addict, someone who likes an actor for his/hers works becomes a risky business. From not being taken seriously – due to cultural misconceptions – to being attacked. I’m not ashamed of being a grown up woman passionate about movies, comics, superheroes, certain actors and having the guts to go publicly with what I consider being my passions. Lately is fun to criticize someone for wishing to have a voice and publish his/hers thoughts on the subjects he/she likes. The haters, the bullies, the ones who love to attack and ridicule are many. Much to their dismay, the geeks are not alone and they fight for their right to speak their mind.  

Miriam Mircea:

No, I’m not 100%Geek and I’m certainly not a hero. I strive to become someone whose voice will eventually have an echo. Does that make me a hero? No. But that’s fine, because this is not my goal. This campaign and its success, these are some of my goals though. Cosplay and conventions are worlds full of color, fun, enthusiasm and a lot of work. People go there to admire or be admired, to enjoy that unique feeling of taking photos with their favorite characters or to have their photo taken and be proud of their costumes. Most of us don’t associate such gatherings with negativity and abuse. But, unfortunately, the situation isn’t always rosy and peachy. I personally know about some cases in which against all warnings, people went ahead and touched the cosplayer or hugged him, even if he or her was tired, out of character or sick. Having learned about these unfortunate situations, we knew it was somehow our silent duty to do something about it. And we decided to launch this campaign.

Neli Morut:

I take great pride in being a geek. I’ve been different than most kids ever since Star Trek Next Gen. premiered when I was 6. It was all “down hill” from there. I can’t say I was teased for being a geek as a young’un, but I seem to get harassed a ton as a grown up nerd girly, especially in my field as a comic-book and graphic artist. And it’s as wrong now as it has ever been. Women and girls need to be respected in any field, whatever their passions. Ours just happens to be geekdome. Our project means to shed a light on this very problem. Geeks are cool, no matter the gender, color, age or where they come from. Geek girls have become some of the world’s best scientists, writers, astronauts or engineers. Take girls seriously, they might surprise you and take your world by storm.

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