Laboratoire Innotech International

Laboratoire Innotech International

Descrierea companiei Laboratoire Innotech International

Laboratoire Innotech International, part of INNOTHERA grup is a French company which has strongly developed its international presence over the years. Innothera is founded on strong values that have allowed it to adapt and develop in a continuously changing environment.

Innothera, an industrial group created in the late 1920s by René Chantereau, a pharmacist, and developed by Bernard Gobet, has been under the direction of Arnaud Gobet, the founder’s grandson, since 1986. For more than eighty years this family company, from generation to generation, has handed down the values that give it life and are evident at all the stages of its history. These profoundly humanistic values are the basis of the Laboratory’s identity. Their universality has enabled the Group to meet numerous challenges in France and internationally, while asserting its independence. They emphasize a mode of operation that is human, collective, and uniformly shared, one that can be continuously enriched with the diversity of activities, skills, and cultures. They are what make up the richness and the strength of INNOTHERA, but also its complexity. And that complexity has increased due to the profound changes the company has undergone in recent years in order to face new issues. « We are ambitious and modest, working over the long term with patience, determination, and good sense for the continuous improvement of the treatment of daily pathologies in the world.We rely first and foremost on our energy, our individual and collective commitment, founded on the assimilation of many cultures and disciplines, in a spirit of trust and mutual aid. » Arnaud Gobet, Chief Executive Officer of INNOTHERA


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