Builders Magazine is now “building” in English!

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Builders Magazine is now “building” in English!

BuildersMagazine, a magazine that exploits the construction and architecture areas, is a part of The Synergy Webs USA -2011 and can now be read in English. Destined to be a source of information for amateurs and specialists in the construction, architecture and hardware areas, BuildersMagazine desires to greet the growing number of readers abroad with articles in English that will provide information from Romania and abroad.

For a month, starting from July, BuildersMagazine will publish daily articles in English in the Noutati-Extern section, which will offer a preview of the launch of the bilingual version.The articles destined to the foreign readers keep the dynamic but friendly format, promoting an innovating digital image. You will still be provided with the same well documented articles, based on reliable sources with updated information from Romania and abroad. To ease your access to them, Builders Magazine posts daily on Facebook and organizes contests with prizes for users.As the “Building Reality” motto says, the launching of the bilingual version is a significant step ahead in the construction of a community of pros and amateurs, constructors and users turning the magazine in a real “construction family friend”.

We are expecting you! We are “Expanding Online!”

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