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Nautica Magazine

Nautica Magazine .ro, the magazine with news in the nautical area, part of The Synergy Webs USA – 2011 project, with American partners and know-how, can now be read in English! is the online magazine that provides the visitor with information, advice, products and necessary services useful when you choose, acquire and use vessels of any kind and in any area of interest: sailing, sport, even ship model-making. combines yachting amateurs, ship owners with sport, fishing and ship model making enthusiasts. The magazine addresses to the nautical community, its purpose being that of becoming “Sailing partner” of pros and amateurs under the “My Sailing Companion” motto.

NauticaMagazine is expanding right in front of our eyes and in the number of readers. Thus we decided that it would serve to not let down on our sailing partners over the seas and to bond with them in a user friendly language – English!

Even though it “sailed” in local water so far, the growing number of readers abroad led to the launching of the English version of Natuica Magazine earlier than previously decided. As the magazine wants to please all its readers, you will be able to read the English version of the interesting articles you are used to, indicated by [en]. Following the trial period the full version will be launched for our English speaking readers.

The articles destined to the reader abroad, keep the dynamic but friendly format, promoting an innovating digital image. You will still be provided with the same well documented articles, based on reliable sources with updated information from Romania and abroad. To ease your access to them, Nautica posts daily on Facebook information and organizes contests with prizes for users.

We invite you to become our sailing partner, joining the Nautica “synergetic” family, one with thousands of members that reunite both the local and international craft producers and dealers and enthusiasts and amateurs in the nautical area.

Catch that wave with! We are Expanding Online!”

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