The legal process of the procurement for the RAKEL system is over

BUCURESTI - 31 ianuarie 2005

Comunicat tip General in IT&C

The Swedish Supreme Administrative Court decided on 20 January not to grant leave to appeal to the plaintiffs in the judgements in the cases regarding the procurement of the RAKEL system. This means that the Defence Matériel Administration (FMV) can enter into a framework agreement with the chosen supplier of the system, the consortium SAAB, Nokia and Eltel (formerly Swedia networks). The SEMA will shortly take over this contract and start working together with the supplier.
“We are very happy with the decision, which allows us to start development. We expect RAKEL to be up and running in Southern Sweden by the end of 2005/beginning of 2006,” says Nils Svartz, Head of the RAKEL Department at SEMA.