INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY - Migrant Women Mobilizing Against HIV/AIDS

BUCURESTI - 6 martie 2004

Comunicat tip General in Sanatate

Geneva, 8 March 2004 - On International Women's Day, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) recognizes and stands behind migrant women mobilized against HIV/AIDS.

[...] IOM’s Deputy Director General, Mrs. Ndioro Ndiaye says, “Male or female migrants, in their very quality as migrants, do not in and of themselves constitute a risk factor in the transmission of HIV/AIDS, it is the situations they face in their migration, in particular poverty, exploitation, and separation from families and partners that put them at risk.”[...] THE FULL VERSION OF THE PRESS RELEASE IS AVAILABLE AT REQUEST IN ENGLISH, FRENCH AND SPANISH

Despre Organizatia Internationala pentru Migratie, Misiunea din Romania

Women make up nearly half of the estimated 175 million migrants in the world today. Migration offers new possibilities for them...

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