Photography from Bucharest to Tokyo and BEYOND

BUCURESTI - 10 mai 2005

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Bucharest, 10th May 2005, “BEYOND” Exhibition at Amsterdam Grand Café

Amsterdam Grand Café is delighted to announce Petru Bogdan’s photo exhibition “BEYOND”, in the Grand Room, Thursday 12th May, between 18:30 and 20:00.

Photography from Bucharest to Tokyo and BEYOND

Petru is already a well known and respected photographer not least for his work over the years with Doina Levintza. He travels to Japan at the beginning of June, where he will launch his first photo album at the Romanian day during the international art and science exhibition. The Romanian preview will take place at Cotroceni Palace later in the month.

Prior to his departure to the Far East, the exhibition in Amsterdam Grand Café offers art and photography enthusiasts an exclusive glimpse of his work with over 20 images representing his unique style of mirroring and reconstruction techniques.

It has been said that his photographs speak about nostalgia, hidden dreams, hope and vulnerability. Petru is more modest when asked to describe his work:
“My portraits represent moments in time. I take a series of shots and then chose the ones that speak to me.”

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The exhibition is the first in a series that the café will hold but co-owner Jerry van Schaik suggests “this first one is certainly a must see if you are interested in photography and art”.

Attendance is by invitation only.

To receive an invitation and for further details, please contact:
Alina Banescu ( mobile: 0722 311 878)

Alina Banescu