L-Mail delivers in Romania!!!

Cluj-Napoca - 15 octombrie 2004

Comunicat tip General in IT&C

15 October 2004 (QiQ PR) L-Mail.com, the online service that allows users to
send physical letters via a web site, has today launched a printing/posting
station in Romania.

L-Mail delivers in Romania!!!

Users of the L-Mail service simply type and format their letter in a
browser, click submit before it’s printed and put in traditional postal mail
systems from one 9 locations around the world - including Romania.

The developers of L-Mail claim their service saves users time and money over
using traditional post. International letters are frequently cheaper through
L-Mail than traditional mail. For example, a three-page letter to the United
States from anywhere in the world costs around EU0.95 fully inclusive.

A letter from Romania to the USA could arrive the day after entry in the
system – much faster than the typical 4 to 7 day wait for airmail. A 3 page
letter to Romania costs around EU 0.66 from anywhere in the world.

L-Mails can be sent to any address on the planet via the nine initial
printing and posting locations:

Australia - Sydney
Canada - British Columbia
Norway - Oslo
Romania - Cluj
Spain - Madrid
United Kingdom - Edinburgh
United Kingdom - London
United States - Ellensburg (West Coast)
United States - New York (East Coast)

Further locations will be added regularly.

With no need to buy stationary or stamps or trips to the Post Office L-Mail
promises to be a useful tool for busy people everywhere.

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