Servit Consultanta SRL comes with a new solution for the people living in Bucharest: Home PC assistance. ENGLISH VERSION

BUCURESTI - 26 octombrie 2004

Comunicat tip General in IT&C

Servit Consultanta SRL brings a new breath to the IT services market: Home PC assistance. The website that promotes the ServIT services, is now available: The services will be available starting from November 10th.

Servit Consultanta SRL comes with a new solution for the people living in Bucharest: Home PC assistance. ENGLISH VERSION

The services provided by Servit Consultanta SRL concern not only PC assistance, but also consultancy in this domain.
Through the newly provided services, Servit Consultanta SRL aims at representing the organization in its relationships with third parties, offering Web services and others like: scanning and editing images, technical interventions, performing studies, reports and technical documentation etc.
It all comes to a phone call you make to the ServIT’s location, both as a company as well as a person. The system that is proposed by Servit Consultanta SRL is as flexible as it may be, offering you the chance to customize it according to your needs. You can choose for an emergency intervention as well as for a monthly subscription, things are will be solved in maximum 24 hours.
“People living in Bucharest tend to become busier and busier, this is why we wish to offer them this alternative. This service is quick and of high quality and it covers a wide area of IT services. Us coming to the client’s location can only turn into an advantage by his side. The client will have his problem solved quickly and efficiently, without any considerable effort from him.” declared Ovidiu Peter, Project Manager ServIT.

Despre Servit Consultanta SRL

ServIT is a new brand in services and consultancy, and is owned by Servit Consultanta SRL.
ServIT addresses mainly to persons or small and medium companies with various informatics and communication needs, which do not have human resources with proper training in these domains or their own IT department.
The hired personnel as well as the ServIT collaborators have a rich experience in implementing informatics solutions for some of the most important IT&C companies in Romania, as well as in diverse projects for small and medium organizations. Their training ensures the usage of the most convenient methods for efficiently implementing the solutions chosen by the client.

Diana Andrianovici
PR Manager
Stirbei Voda, nr. 17
Bucuresti, Romania
Tel/Fax: 021-3148627