SYMPATHICA PLUM JAM (LIDL own brand) – stopped from trading

BUCURESTI - 26 iulie 2012

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As a result of the complaints sent to the competent authorities by the representatives of the company SONIMPEX SERV COM, the producer of Magiun de prune Topoloveni (Topoloveni plum jam ) and of the Topoloveana preserves, sugar free and preservatives free, the Sympathica plum jam, sold by LIDL supermarket chain, has been stopped from trading since 13th of July 2012, because it does not comply with the labeling legal conditions and the processing technology.

SYMPATHICA PLUM JAM (LIDL own brand) – stopped from trading

The official adress sent today, 25th of July 2012 to SONIMPEX SERV COM by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, stipulates that as a result of the verifications made at the LIDL DISCOUNT Romania social headquarters by a mixt control team (The Department for Agriculture of Prahova County and the Department for the Consumer Protection Prahova) they found the following irregularities concerning the Sympathica plum jam:

-        using the „magiun de prune” (plum jam) denomination for the reviewed product is abussive because this product is made of raw materials such as „concentrated plum puree” and „concentrated plum juice”; these raw materials are obtained from plums in Serbia and exported in Poland, where they go through a new processing untill they obtain the final product which is sold by the LIDL supermarket chain in Romania, under the denomination of „magiun de prune” („plum jam”). These two raw materials are not specified in the Professional Standard SP 334/119 MAGIUN DE PRUNE (PLUM JAM). Also the carbohydrate content specified on the nutritonal label is 46,5g/100g, but in the Professional Standard SP 334/119 MAGIUN DE PRUNE (PLUM JAM) the specified carbohydrate content should be minimum 55%.

-        this product does not fit in any of the jam group of products regulated by the Directive of the EU 2001/113/CE (concerning jam, jelly, fruit marmelade and chestnut puree designated to human consumption, an European  regulatory document retreived by Romania through the Order 523/808/351/2003 about the approval of the rules concerning the nature, content and labeling of jams, jellies, fruit marmelades and sweetned chestnut puree designated to human consumption) that stipulates a content of solouble dry substance for jams of 60% or even more (the solouble dry substance is represented by the carbohydrate content inside the product).

-        although on the label of the product it is specified a content of 46,6g carbohydrates for 100g, in the test report no. 120249875/24.05.2012 issued by SGS the Fresenius Institute in Germany it is specified a total sugar content of 40g/100g.

Therefore, taking into consideration the fact that Sympathica plum jam does not comply neither with the internal rules nor with the European rules for processing (SP 334/1996 MAGIUN DE PRUNE /PLUM JAM, the Directive 2011/113/CE) the competent authorities recommended that this product should change its denomination into „spreadable paste”, they sanctioned LIDL DISCOUNT because of the violation of the law 363/2007 regarding the combating of unfair practices of the traders in their relationship with the consumers with a 5.000 lei fine and they stopped the product Sympathica plum jam from trading since 13th of July 2012 because „it does not comply with the labeling legal conditions and processing technology”.

In spite of the sanctions gave by the authorities 12 days ago, the Sympathica plum jam is found today, 25th of July 2012 on the shelves of LIDL stores in Bucharest and in Pitesti (according to the tax receipts attached).

Despre Sonimpex Topoloveni

SONIMPEX SERV COM is the only Romanian producer of fruit preserves made without using added sugar, food additives or preservatives. The production technology used by the factory in Topolveni dated from 1914( bain-marie system, double walled caldrons through wich it circulates technological steam, the product is processed at controlled temperatures of 68-70 degrees Celsius for 12-14 hours), although is expensive, it gives the unperishable advantage to the final product, therefore this do not need any sugar, or preservatives, or food additives, thus the product remain 100% all natural.
The quality of the SONIMPEX SERV COM products is appreciated abroad and awarded with: Protected Geographical Indication by the European Commision (2011) for the Romanian traditional product Magiun de prune Topoloveni (Topoloveni plum jam), „Superior Taste Award” 2010 (ITQI) for Magiun de prune Topoloveni, „Superior Taste Award” 2011 (ITQI) for Magiun de prune Topoloveni and Topoloveana black cherry preserves, sugar free, preservatives free and, „Superior Taste Award” 2012 (ITQI) for the Topoloveana preserves: ecological blueberry, seabuckthorn and plum and sweet almonds, sugar free, preervatives free.
SONIMPEX SERV COM is owner of NATO code for economic operator and it is also official supplier of the Romanian Royal House with all of its products.

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