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BUCURESTI - 7 octombrie 2021

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The moment of choosing a cleaning company is quite difficult, taking into account the multitude of offers on the market and the fact that they all talk about the impeccable quality of specialists.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning

As long as there is no law to limit this type of promotion, we can only analyze some essential aspects that can determine the quality of the supplier:

1. The first aspect is related to the person who comes to evaluate the location. If she is dressed carelessly, punctually or professionally unprepared, it is advisable to stop at this step.
2. In second place we can analyze professional equipment. Gone are the days when brooms and mops were used, a company that respects itself uses professional equipment: dedicated vacuum cleaners, carpet and upholstery cleaners, a device for melting grease.
3. On the third place we place the company's employees. It is very important to get information about their professionalism, if they have been tested, if they have experience, maybe even ask to see them before they are assigned to us, as a company.
4. The price is also an important element for the budget of each company, the good part is that in the market there are reasonable prices compared to the work done, the price must be negotiated beforehand, to ask if it is with VAT and what other benefits can be obtained.
5. A last element to take into account are the recommendations from other companies he works with, and not only from one, but from several, because, in this way we can have the most real feedback related to the quality of services.

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At first glance, choosing a cleaning company may seem like an easy decision that does not require too much time to think, but in order to have quality services capable of meeting your expectations, it is important to take into account certain criteria. Whether it is the first time you want to use such services or you are familiar with this practice, it is important to consider certain aspects of choosing the right cleaning services.

Cleaning and managing the condition of your space is an important issue and you certainly do not want this responsibility to fall into the wrong hands. That's why it's good to take some precautions and invest some time in doing a short study in advance about the services to be offered.

Among the risks you can expose yourself to by resorting to services of this type are, of course, the disappearance of valuables, the destruction of goods through negligence or other wrong practices, the risk of accidents and much more. To avoid any unpleasant experiences, make sure you take the right precautions so that you can have quality services.

Document yourself properly.

Carefully check the company's data, the services offered and whether the company works with employees or on the basis of contracts. Also be interested in the past and experience of the company and its employees. It is important to know exactly who you are going to let operate in your space, so do not hesitate to ask and check all these aspects. After all, it's about the safety of your belongings and your space.

Look for references and recommendations.

Do not hesitate to turn to friends or acquaintances for recommendations. We often prefer to choose services based on recommendations made by friends and acquaintances and this is a good thing because a recommendation of this type will tell you a lot about the level of professionalism of the company most of the time. It is also recommended to use the internet to get a clear idea about the quality of services. Look for reviews and testimonials left by former clients, they will help you orient yourself even better in choosing the right cleaning services. It is recommended to avoid very poorly listed companies in the online environment.

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Make sure the company uses quality products.

Most of the time, cleaning companies have their own range of products that they use. It is important to make sure that these products will not harm your property or space in any way. Don't be shy to ask all the necessary questions about the products to be used. Make an expertise of the space for cleaning and make sure that there will be no problems with the level of toxicity of the products, with possible allergens, sensitive surfaces, etc. Also check if the company has the right accessories to do a good job. The endowment of a serious company will include special appliances for cleaning blinds or carpets, professional vacuum cleaners, equipment for cleaning delicate spaces s.a.m.d.

Check if the company has insurance.

This aspect is very important especially if we take into account the risks you are exposed to by resorting to such services. Theft or destruction of property is a matter of serious concern and the best way to handle such an unfortunate situation is to check if the company has insurance and can provide compensation in case of an unpleasant event. Also, accidents at work happen quite frequently and that is why it is recommended to make sure that the employees of the cleaning company are insured for such situations. A serious company will always take care of its employees and will ensure that they will not be subjected to any danger. Good communication between you and the cleaning company will considerably reduce any such risk. Do not hesitate to approach this topic and ask questions regarding the conditions in which it proceeds in the event of unpleasant events.