Eater Magazine, „read, eat daily” in English!

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Eater Magazine, „read, eat daily” in English!

Relying both on the fact that most of the magazine’s visitors are from abroad and that everyone eats, Eater Magazine will publish daily an article in English, the bilingual version being set to be released after a month of testing.

The articles in English will be advertised for on Facebook.

With an American partnership and know-how on our side part of the project „The Synergy webs” SUA 2011, supplemented by the energy of a young ambitious group of journalists, Eater Magazine is looking forward to setting off on the international market. Thus it will promote the culinary traditions and customs deeply rooted in Romanian territory by passing over articles with and about Romanian people in English but with a goal set to offer the visitors all pieces of information, products and services in the culinary area, from menus, recipes and gourmets to restaurants, pastries and clubs but also condiments, products, machines and kitchen designs.

The magazine is addressing not only to the users with a passion for cuisine but also to those who enjoy a good restaurant and healthy foods, users who come from diverse communities.

Eater magazine sets itself to unite pros and amateurs in one single community: the “Eater” community, which respects its passion for culinary art, as the “read eat daily” motto suggests.

New articles are posted every day from every single area of general interest in gastronomy, from Romanian to international cuisine, new and old, classic and modern. We are proposing to combine all flavors in home and restaurant cuisine in fact all flavors from kitchens all over the world.

Looking forward to a collaboration all culinary art passionate are expected to join the “Eater” community.

We’re expecting you! We are expanding online!

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