CEU Business School starts recruiting for the MSc in IT Management Program

BUCURESTI - 9 martie 2006

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Following the success of the start of the Weekend MBA Program in January 2006, CEU Business School, the best business school in the region and the only one ranked by Financial Times for its programs, has started the recruiting process for the second program that it will launch in Romania in September 2006, the MSc in IT Management Program.

CEU Business School starts recruiting for the MSc in IT Management Program

The MSc in IT Management Program is a highly specialized American business degree. Also described as a technologycentric mini-MBA, the program focuses on the relevant management issues in the Information Technology (IT), Information Systems (IS), and Telecom disciplines across various industries, and it provides a unique blend of both technology and business management skills development. In addition to the current Budapest, Hungary program, a second cohort is scheduled to begin in Bucharest, Romania in September 2006.

This program delivers the skills necessary to evaluate technological and managerial solutions, and to identify which combination of these solutions would enhance their contributed value to their specific industry and type of business. Particular emphasis is placed on developing entrepreneurial skills. Methods for transforming technological knowledge into profitable business applications are a core element of the program. Strong industry involvement and executive participation guarantees the timeliness and relevance of the technology and entrepreneurial initiatives that are developed during the 11-month program. The latest technological innovations and applications are explored, providing participants with a competitive edge in exploiting existing and/or designing new in-house technology for enhancing the product offering, for better market positioning and for market expansion.

In addition, the program addresses the prevalent communication gap between so-called “techies” and managers. Participants focus on the fundamentals of both roles and learn how to mediate, interpret and create a solid bridge between the two groups, thereby contributing to the organization’s competitive strength. Both the program content and the innovative teaching methods, such as corporate-based internships and research projects, student managed investment funds, senior industry executive round table meetings and presentations, venture capitalist monitoring and inter-campus exchanges are pivotal to the success of the program.

The program targets primarily, but not exclusively, managers in the IT, IS and Telecom fields, or those who have an interest in these areas. Given the program’s focus on management rather than on technology, it targets both those who wish to develop and broaden their business understanding and skills as well as those who wish to acquire relevant management competence in the technology management field. The program is constructed to accommodate the needs of working professionals and entrepreneurs in order to accelerate career progression and entrepreneurial success.

The international faculty of the CEU Business School has a commitment to academic excellence, and a dual mandate of preparing students to meet the complex demands of business in a global economy, as well as rising to the local challenges posed by the transforming economies of this region. The faculty consists of both long-time expert academics as well as industry executives who deliver classes within their areas of expertise. Significant national and background diversity of the faculty allows for a rich and highly international and interactive academic environment.

The MSc in IT Management is a 30-credit degree program, to be completed in 6 modules from the beginning of September until the end of July. The degree awarded is a Master of Science in Information Technology Management, registered by the Board of Regents of the New York State Department of Education.

Core program courses include:
» Advanced Introduction to IT Systems
» Introduction to Marketing
» Developing IT Strategies
» Current Issues in IT & Telecoms Management
» Financial Management
» Entrepreneurship in IT & Telecoms
» Introduction to Accounting
» IT Project Management and Costing
» Applied Capstone Project

Sample elective courses include, but are not limited to:
» Transformation of IT Multinationals
» Telecoms Business Environment
» Global Information Society: Trends in Capital, Networks, and Risks
» Supply Chain Management
» Advanced Introduction to IT Systems II
» Economic Analysis of the IT industry
» Topics in IT and Computer Law
» Decision Support Systems
» Security & Control of IT Systems
» IT Solution Selling
» IT Topics in the Banking Industry
» International Competitiveness
» Internet Marketing
» Negotiation Skills
» International Legal Environment
» Business Ethics

The MSc in IT Management Program is heavily supported by industry partners and other sponsors, whose contributions subsidize program costs, resulting in a low tuition fee requirement for participating students. Tuition fee for the MSc in IT Management Program is 7,600 Euro, payable in two installments. A limited amount of additional financial aid is available from the CEU Business School and other sponsors. Merit-based partial tuition scholarships are available for candidates who demonstrate strong academic and professional performance.

Admission requirements include:
» A completed application form - available online at www.ceubusiness.com
» A first degree from a recognized university or institution of higher education
» A résumé
» Two letters of recommendation
» A competitive GMAT score
» A TOEFL score of minimum 230, (exempt for native English speakers or if English was the medium of instruction for higher education)
» A motivational essay
» A personal interview

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CEU Business School was established in 1988 (it was known for the past 15 years as IMC - International Management Center) by a group of visionary leaders, including philanthropist George Soros and Hungarian entrepreneur Sándor Demján. It was the first educational institution in the CEE region to train managers by offering a western graduate business program leading to an American MBA. Since its inception, the school has pursued the goal of developing standards in line with Western institutions, while ensuring timely and relevant consideration of the changes within the region’s transforming economies. After 12 years of granting joint degrees, IMC joined Central European University, as an integral part of the institution, but remaining a legally independent, separately registered entity. It’s name was officially changed to CEU Business School in September 2002.
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